GXR Series


La Serie GXR es la nueva opción para equipos de audio portátil, con los niveles de potencia y todas las prestaciones de un sistema de primera clase.





Clase D con fuente de alimentación conmutada. Evita llevar racks de amplificación externos.

Procesado Digital

DSP integrado que aplica filtros de fase lineal (FIR) así como crossovers clásicos, incluyendo toda una serie de opciones de control.

Online Control

Sistema de monitorización y control en tiempo real (vía Ethernet)


2 altavoces 10” con 1 driver 1,4″ y guía de ondas, 135 dB SPL



GRX-215 series

2 alvoces 15” con 1 driver 1.4” , 131 dB SPL



GXR-15 series

1 altavoz 15” con un driver 1″, 128 dB SPL



GXR-12 series

1 altavoz 12” con 1 driver 1”, 127 dB SPL



2 altavoces 15”, 134 dB SPL



2 altavoces 18”, 134 dB SPL



GXR-18S series

1 altavoz 18”, 132 dB SPL



GXR Series



Both compact and powerful, the GXR Series is our latest solution for portable, light weight, powered speakers. Designed as a more economical solution to the ADP Series, the GXR series retains all the features and delivers all the power of a truly first class touring series. The series incorporates three full range (two-way) models including 12”, 15”, dual 15” and one 18” subwoofer. 

All the cabinets are finished in rugged, premium birch plywood, coated with water-based black paint and protected by front steel grilles all backed with a special dark grey triple layer, acoustical textile which allows greater air flow and reduces heat and humidity.

Class D Amplification

All models are self-powered (Class D) with  switching power supply and 1400W of amplification each. The integrated amplification far exceeds the transducers’ needs thus resulting in high output, high damping factor and extremely low levels of distortion. The high efficiency modules also include PFC, guaranteeing reliability and consistency in all operating conditions and low power consumption (less than 0.55W in standby).

DSP Control

All GXR Series cabinets are controlled by the latest generation of Digital Signal Processing with a DSP integrated in to each cabinet. This DSP, with 56bit internal processing and double dynamics optimizes all the system components and electronics, providing maximum system efficiency and total protection whilst significantly and noticeably lowering distortion. They also utilize linear phase FIR filters.

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