Loudspeaker systems

Lynx Pro Audio has a wide range of products: line arrays, line arrays with coaxial drivers, line source systems, portable loudspeakers, column speakers, full range cabinets and their respective subwoofers. It also features amplified, bi-amplified and passive cabinets. Most of Lynx Pro Audio’s cabinets are DSP integrated. Other cabinets have special features such as Marine Grade Option for waterproof cabinets. Some of these cabinets are ideal for touring, others for fixed installations or portable applications. Also, our commercial audio category includes in-ceiling mount loudspeakers.

New Product

Coaxial line source, DSP integrated Line Arrays

LX-V12 product

High-end Self-powered, DSP integrated Line Arrays

CXA-12 series

High-end Self-powered, DSP integrated line source system

ADP-15M series

Cabinets for both portable and permanent installations 



High-end Self-powered, DSP integrated cabinets for portable applications

New Feature


Superior reliability and sonic performance for fixed installations and weather resistant


Portable or permanent installation column speakers

Affordable and attractive designed cabinets with high performance


 High-power, bi-ampflified cabinets for fixed installations 

Lynx QB-5

High performance, passive cabinets for portable and fixed installations

New Product

Weather-resistant for indoor/outdoor

New Product

In-ceiling mount loadspeaker systems

New Product

Professional in-ceiling loadspeaker systems


Lynx Pro Audio has two official processors: ARK-70 and ARK-20. These are the latest in the series of digital processors designed, assembled and manufactured by Lynx Pro Audio offering 7 different models with 2 or 4 inputs each and with up to 8 outputs (analogue or digital and Ethersound optional).


Loudspeakers Management Systems


Powerful, reliable and lightweight amplifiers for Lynx Pro Audio cabinets. The RS, HPX and SBA series are at the forefront of audio design, offering a powerfull, reliable and lightweight amplifier designed to deliver superior sound quality.

New Product

High Power

Touring Amps


2 & 4 Channel


Lynx Pro Audio firmly believes that technology is a must. We heavily invest in R&D resources. All software you will find is designed and programmed from scratch in-house by our team of engineers: Acoustical prediction software, online control system (control powered cabinets and amplifiers in real time), ARK software for ARK processors and cabinet updater.

OCS, Cabinet Updater, ARK & DSX software and Rainbow 3D