In-ceiling loudspeaker system

Coaxial two-way, full-range, 6-inch ceiling mount loudspeaker system designed for voice and background music.


The CS-6T is an in-ceiling loudspeaker delivering great sound performance. It features a 6” woofer + 0.5” tweeter.

It uses a 100V / 70V Line transformer that offers a selection of 30/15/7.5/3.5W ( 1.9W @ 70V) delivered to the louspeaker system using high impedance lines or 8Ω bypass.

The baffle, bezel and rear enclosure are constructed from ABS. The rear enclosure adds damping material, providing an optimum internal volume for extended low-frequency performance.


Perfectly suited for:

→  Corporate training rooms, ballrooms
→  Convention centers, exhibit halls
→  Houses of worship
→  Malls, airports, nightclubs, bars, restaurants
→  Auditoriums, museums

Technical Data


 6” 165 mm polypropylene cone
 0.5” polypropylene Tweeter coaxially mounted
Frequency Range  90 – 18.000 Hz
Rated Power
 40W (8 Ω) 160W Peak
Transformer Taps 100V 30 / 15 / 7.5 / 3.75W
70V 30 / 15 / 7.5 / 3.75 / 1.9W
Low Impedance 8Ω
 8Ω 105 dB

100V / 70V 104dB

Sensitivity  89dB 1W / 1m @ Zn
Nominal Impedance
8 Ω
Nominal Coverage  90º Conical Dispersion
Recommended Signal processing
 90 Hz, at 24 dB per octave high pass filter
Crossover Frequency 2500 Hz
Enclosure material
Grille  Powder coated steel, white finish, paintable
Dimensions (H x Diameter)  139 mm x 239 mm (5,5 in x 9,4 in)
Cut out size
 205 mm (8.1 in)
Net weight
 2 kg (4.4 lbs)


More features

Architectural Specifications

The loudspeaker system shall be a 2 way, full-range ceiling loudspeaker system with a 6” low frequency transducer with a coaxially mounted 0.5” exit high frequency dome tweeter.

The loudspeaker baffle shall be constructed in ABS material with a white finish and ABS back can with terminal connection integrated.

The system shall have an frequency response of 80 Hz to 18 kHz (-10dB) and a nominal low impedance of 8 Ω. The sensitivity shall be 89 dB SPL at 1 meter on axis with 1 watt of pink noise.

The loudspeaker system shall have a conical coverage pattern of 90°. The nominal system impedance shall be 8 ohms.

The system shall be equipped with a 30W line transformer used in 70V or 100V with 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.75W and 1.9W taps available in 70V distributed systems and 30W, 15W, 7.5W and 3.75W taps available in 100V distributed systems.

The power rating shall be 40W AES used in a low impedance 8 Ω.The loudspeaker shall be 139mm (5.5”) in diameter and 239mm (9.4in) deep. Weight shall be 2kg (4.4lb).

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