Pure install speaker

High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way bi-amp/ passive cabinet


The HR-28 enclosure is a high-performance passive full range, with an excellent power-size ratio. It consists of two 8” hexacone transducers and a 1” high frequency compression driver. It offers a wide dispersion of 90º x 60º and 126 dB SPL (1000W program).

This enclosure offers a selectable operation between bi-amp or passive mode and is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Although this cabinet can be used without a processor, we strongly recommend that the cabinet presets are applied for maximum optimization and performance.


For Low Frequency reinforcement, several subwoofer options are available.


Perfectly suited for:

→  Club & Bar installations
→  Sound reinforcement
→  Theatres
→  Houses of worship
→  Multi media spaces
→  Public address

Technical Data

LF: 2 x 8″, 2″ aluminium voice coil, hexacone cone
HF: 1″ Exit compression Driver, 1.75″ aluminium voice coil, Polyester diaphragm
Frequency Range54 Hz – 20 KHz (-10dB)
Frequency Response
60 Hz – 18 KHz (± 3dB)
SensitivityPassive Mode: 93 dB (1W@1m)
Passive Mode: 120dB – 126dB Peak
Bi-Amp LF: 120dB – 126dB Peak
Bi-Amp HF: 125dB – 131dB Peak
Coverage Angle90º x 60 º (Rotatable)
Passive mode: 500 W (1000 W program, 2000 W peak)
Bi- Amp LF: 500 W (1000 W program, 2000 W peak)
Bi-Amp HF: 70 W (140 W program, 280W peak)
CrossoverBi-Amp / Passive (Selectable)
Nominal Impedance
Ω Passive / Biamp LF 4 Ω, HF 4 Ω
Connectors2 x Neutrik Speakon NL4MP 
Polyurea coating – other colours (RAL) available
Material15 mm premium birch plywood
665 x 279 x 298 mm (H x W x D)
Weight17 Kg (37 lbs)

More features

Accessories for HR-28
Eye bolt for the HR-28
Horizontal bracket for the HR-28
Marine Grade Option

This cabinet is also available for Marine environments, such as cruise ships for example.

Our Marine option speakers are designed to withstand harder weather conditions, where the cabinets are exposed to the elements.


  • Black polyurea coating with microtextured metal parts. 
  • RAL available on request. Polyurea coating with aliphatic colour paint.

1. Anodized aluminium logo for durability outdoors.

2. Stainless steel 1 mm 316 L grill. Also available in aluminum with protective layer and micro textured paint.

3. Weatherstrip edging for extreme protection.

4. Acoustex filter: hydrophobic polyester sheet to prevent the penetration of water and external elements produced by extreme weather conditions.

5. 35 ppi Acoustic foam to protect against dust particles.

6. Waterproof protected cone on both sides

7. Aluminum back plate with pressure gland for an extra tight connection and easy installation.

8. M10 stainless steel 316 L screws (A4).

Available products with Marine grade





1 x 6” transducer, 122 dB SPL

Marine grade available




1 x 8” transducer, 128 dB SPL

Marine grade available



2 x 6.5” transducers with 1 x 1″ driver , 122 dB SPL

Marine grade available



1 x 12” transducer with 1 x 1.4″ driver, 127 dB SPL

Marine grade available



1 x 12” transducer with 1.4″ driver, 129 dB SPL

Marine grade available



1 x 15” transducer with 1 x 1.4” driver, 129 dB SPL

Marine grade available



1 x 15” transducer with 1 x 1.4” driver, 129 dB SPL

Marine grade available



2 x 18” transducers, 145 dB SPL 

Marine grade available



2 x 18” transducers, 142 dB SPL

Marine grade available



2 x 15” transducers, 139 dB SPL



1 x 18” transducer, 135 dB SPL

Marine grade available