Gabanna Copas-Bar is a mix between a pub and a cafeteria located in Albacete. Gabanna offers drinks, tapas and national, latin and pop-rock music. It is placed in Tejares street, the gastronomic temple of Albacete in terms of local tapas. If you want a party night with good atmosphere and drinks you may not forget to go through this area.

Gabanna is a chameleonic place, adapting its offer throughout the day. During light hours, people gathers here to drink and eat tapas both inside and outside. When evening arrives, it transforms into a pub with neon colors and music for all tastes.

Thanks to the set up of professional audio systems by Lynx Pro Audio it has been possible to enhance the environment, ensuring good acoustic coverage. Specifically, 8 speakers of the HR-26 series and two HR-18/6 subwoofers have been installed. The HR-26 is an ultra-compact, high-performance two-way enclosure with a bi-amp passive cabinet. The HR-18/6 is a medium-power sub-bass cabinet with one 18″ low frequency in bass reflex and direct radiation configuration. This HR series are especially designed for installations in clubs and bars.

An ARK-2024 processor and two amplifiers have also been incorporated: RS4-2000 and RS2-2000. The ARK-2024 is a last generation processor designed and manufactured by Lynx Pro Audio, which offers an easy configuration and provides the best sound at fixed installations. The processor ARK-2024 belongs to the family of ARK-20, which offer seven models with 2 or 4 inputs and up to 8 outputs.

The RS amplifiers, thanks to the latest technological advances in assembly, represents the best compromise between economy and performance. These amplifiers are designed for professionals that are looking for quality, reliability and value.

RS Series amps are Class H and offer unmatched audio quality. With a compact package of 25cm deep and its ultra light weight (6 kg/13 lbs) the RS amps take advantage of the latest improvements in electronic assembly.  All RS Series models offer the latest generation of switching power supply technology and an advanced protection pack including the Power Management System (PMS) the Intelligent Clip Limiter (ICL), Soft-start, Turn-on Turn-off transients, Over-heating, DC, RF, Short-circuit and much more.

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