Located in the financial district, 300 meters from the Paseo de la Castellana, with 1500m² of space Oh My Club is the celebrities’ new favourite nightclub in Madrid.

A venue which combines Live shows, restaurant and discotheque. From 21.30 to 23.30 it serves as a restaurant offering dinner and show while tasting flavours from Spain, Italy and Japan. After dessert, the tables are removed and the party begins.

From 23.30 until 5.30 am, the venue becomes a discotheque with several rooms, different types of music (reggaeton, house, commercial and live performances) and VIP areas.

To offer the best sound quality, Oh My Club is supported by Lynx Pro Audio’s professional sound systems. The HR series have been used in almost all the venue. These cabinets are designed to offer the best sound in all types of fixed installations.

12 HR-1264/7 and 6 HR-218/36 subwoofers are placed on the main stage of the disco. In another room, next to the main stage there are 4 HR-1296/5 cabinets whilst the DJ’s monitor system consists of 2 HR-1296/5 and 2 HR-18/6.

One of the reserved rooms has 6 HR-26 and 6 DR-N12, while the other VIP area has 4 HR-28 and 4 DR-N12 cabinets. Another room of the club has installed 6 HR-28 and 4 HR-18/6 subwoofers. The area of ​​the shishas has 8 Ionic 5CX and 2 DR-N12 cabinets.

The HR-1264/7 and HR-1296/5 are a bi-amp/passive two-way full range with a 700W and 500W output respectively. The HR-28 is a high-performance passive full range cabinet. Both HR-218/36 and HR-18/6 offer a significant sound reinforcement for the low frequencies.

The Ionic 5CX is the most compact and versatile cabinet of Lynx Pro Audio. It has a coaxial speaker specially designed for basic portable configurations or for all types of installation projects, large and small.

Oh My Club is part of the Salamandra Group, a company specialized in the management of spaces for the celebration of events in Valencia. They have a team of more than 200 qualified workers committed to providing a quality service.