Voltereta Kioto is a restaurant inspired on the Japanese city of Kyoto, offering a different concept from other restaurants. Crossing the doors of any Voltereta means entering a journey to a new destination, living a unique experience in each one of them. On this occasion Voltereta comes with two special separate spaces: one inspired by the year 1640 and a futuristic one inspired by the year 2050.

In this restaurant, you can choose whether you want to teleport to the past or the future when booking. Depending on your choice, you will find yourself in totally different settings, although you will be able to enjoy the same dishes.

If you are curious about living the experience of a futuristic restaurant, you will see that from the moment you enter the venue you will be attended by a virtual assistant, without the intermediation of waiters. The assistant will lead you to your table and then you will order food through a tablet. Once the order is placed, the dishes will arrive on a belt conveyor that will stop in front of your table, inspired by Japanese Kaiten-sushi, where sushi is served on a rotating belt.

The entire room is decorated with neon lights and Japanese drinks and snacks to give it a more authentic touch. The tables are separated by colours (blue, violet, yellow…) and there are QB-5 as reinforcement for the background music painted in the same colour on each one, blending in with the space.

If you prefer to travel to the most traditional Japan, the first thing you will find will be a corridor that imitates the thousand red doors of the Fushimi Inari shrine in the city of Kyoto. Then, when you enter, you will find a very traditional atmosphere. Everything is decorated with ukiyo-e style drawings, lanterns, wooden tables and chairs, small wooden rooms with paper windows to enjoy a slightly more reserved experience, stone floors, a stream that runs through the middle of the venue and small wooden bridges to cross it… All this surrounded by “nature” with trees evoking cherry blossoms.

Several QB-5 enclosures were also set up in this room,  in brown colour to hide between the tones of the wood and one of them in green, between the plants.

QB-5 cabinets are the ideal sound systems for restaurants and environments that need sound reinforcement for background music. The QB-5 is a very versatile cabinet, it is the most compact of our ranges and we can change its color on demand, to adapt it to each space.

Voltereta chain has relied on Lynx Pro Audio for its other two themed restaurants, Voltereta Bali and Voltereta Manhattan. In the last one, we also set up enclosures with personalized colours to cover the needs of the installation.