Acoustical Prediction Software

Thanks to the Rainbow software, you will be able to “virtually” determine the acoustical response of one or various cabinets at the same time.

Based on polar response measurements, taken meticulously with a 360º coverage both vertically and horizontally, the Rainbow software is able to calculate the SPL response including the interaction between them taking into account the magnitude and phase response, in order to enable the user to correct cancellations and even to create them if the acoustical design so requires.

As usual with any Lynx Pro Audio software, Rainbow  is very easy to use and offers a very intuitive design, multi-tool interface and on-line updatable data base. The Rainbow software has been designed by and for sound technicians. Its aim is to help installers and users of Lynx products.

This software is able to import WMF Vector Files with technical drawings and insert them directly into the prediction window and thus enabling real measurement predictions.

This also helps to determine dead zones and obtain the maximum performance from each of the cabinets installed.

The Rainbow acoustical prediction software allows among other things:- Prediction up to 4 LINE ARRAYS of 24 cabinets each simultaneously, together with multiple points with cabinets


  • Flying points information according to the inclination of the cabinets
  • Weight calculation of the different systems
  • Sub-bass simulation (for instance to achieve cardiod configurations)
  • Orientation of cabinets (Horizontal/vertical)
  • Throw Direction of cabinets (right/ left)
  • Individual delay per cabinet/system
  • Polarity selection for each cabinet
  • Up to 40 process insertions with Equalization and CrossOver assignable per cabinet.
  • Simulation of the Air absorption sound loss with the distance
  • SPL Pressure information
  • Distance measurement
  • Import of CAD files
  • Up to 4 audience or hearing zones
  • Coverage curves on the hearing zones.
  • Export of SPL Map and coverage curves on jpg or bmp format
  • Print project report (SPL prediction, flying points, weights, cabinet inclination, polarities, process aplied, EQ Curves…

Download the user manual and software

Rainbow 3D: coming soon…

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