XT series is a new generation of amplifiers that offer a high voltage output, with a powerful 96 KHz and double-precision 64 bits DSP. These amplifiers are ideal for touring and install applications.

Based on a switching mode power supply with an innovative Class H 3 steps topology, these amplifiers work with high voltages and offer superb dynamics.

They also include a completely new PMS™ system, with protection both on the power supply and the audio modules, working in real time to make sure all the variables are secure. All these features make these amplifiers ideal for working with asymmetric loads and provide maximum power for each audio system. XT amplifiers are suitable for the most demanding applications offering the best reliability.

A powerful 96 KHz, double-precision 64 bits DSP with FIR filters, with a software specially developed for this series is key.

The XT amplifiers have a user interface with an extra-large 4.3″ IPS touch panel, making it easier and faster to use. From this panel you can control and manage each parameter of the amplifier and choose among the system presets, users, EQ and created snapshots.

The XT series has two Ethernet ports for daisy chain connection and access to the OCS software, designed to monitor the amplifiers in real time.

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