Digital processors

The ARK-70 is the latest in the series of digital processors offering 4 different versions (analogue or digital and Ethersound optional*).

ARK 7048

ARK 7044

ARK 7026

ARK 7024

Technical Data


 2 / 4
Impedance:20 K Ohm Balanced (10 K Ohm unbalanced).
Connector:Balanced XLR (pin 2 +)
AD converter:24 bit-192KHz, 512x Oversampling
Dynamic Range:120 dB.
Max. level:+19 dBu (balanced).
Digital AES/EBU:Optional.
 4 / 6 / 8
Impedance:50 Ohm Balanced (25 Ohm unbalanced).
Connector:Balanced XLR (pin 2 +).
DA converter:24 bit-192KHz, 512x Oversampling.
Dynamic Range:120 dB.
Max. level:+18 dBu (balanced).
Digital AES/EBU:Optional.
Frequency Range10 Hz – 24 KHz.
THD (%)<0,0018%
DSP ProcessInternal resolution with 56 bit double precision in floating point.
Converters24 bit resolution
Propagation Delay0.6 miliseconds
Input GEQ / PEQ29 GEQ Bands or 29 parametric filters per input.
PEQ outputPEQ Type filtersParametric, Shelving High, Shelving Low, Low-Pass, High-Pass, Low-Pass Q variable, High-Pass Q variable, BandPass, Reject Band, AllPass order 1, AllPass order 2.Possibility to Link filters between Input and Outputs.
 Linkwitz Riley with 12, 24, 48 dB/oct.
 Butterworth and Bessel with 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 dB/oct.
Input190 milisec. (channels A & B) / 54 milisec. (channels C & D)
Output20.8 milisec for Speaker alignment. Possibility to Link Delays.
RMS Limiter-Compressor
 1 per output.
Threshold+18dBu to -50dBu.
Compression Ratio1:1 to 1:10 (1:infinite with limiter).
Power indicationShows the maximum power applied to the speaker for the selected threshold.
Peak Limiter 
 1 per output
Threshold+18dBu to -50dBu.
Peak IndicationShows the maximum peak Voltage applied to the speaker for the selected threshold.


Noise Gate 
 1 per Output
Noise Threshold:-79dBu to -37dBu
Level Control 
Gain+6dBu to -40 dBu per input / output.
Muteper input / output.
Phase inversionper input / output. Possibility to Link Controls.
Signal Generator 
Level0dBu to –40dBu
Typesine tone from 10Hz to 22KHz, Pink noise, White noise.
Security Options 
Level 0:No restrictions
Level 1:Only allows preset changes.
Level 2:Only allows mute modification.
Level 3:Only allows preset changes and mute modification.
Level 4:Bloks all the front panel controls
Restricted Zones:For each Preset it is possible to disable the access to any processor function (EQ, crossover, Limiter, etc) writing a preset password.
Other functions 
 Atmospheric compensation by Air absorption.
 Process Integration with RAINBOW – The acoustical prediction software.
 Speaker data import from main audio measurement systems.
 Export & Import EQ files, etc.
Front Panel 
 DisplayLCD with 24 x 2 characters
 ButtonsNavigator with 5 backlight buttons.
12 buttons for Edition and Mute with light indications.
 Level Meter7 leds per input/output, -40db, -6db, 0db, +6db, +12db, Limit, Over Limit.
Power supply85-240 V ~ 40-400 Hz. IEC connector. (Switching power supply, wide range).
Consumption30 W.
Operating temperature-5º to 60º C (23º to 140º F).
Storage temperature-60º to 75º C (-76º to 167º F).
HumidityMax. 90% non-condensing.
Dimensions482 x 45 x 226 mm.
Weight3 Kg
Warranty3 years

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