BS Series

The BS series has been designed to offer an affordable yet reliable series of cabinets which not only deliver high performance but have a sleek & attractive design and finish so that they not only sound great but also look impressive in any install.

The series comprises 4 full range cabinets, all designed for a wide range of applications from fixed installations, nightclubs & bars, houses of worship, corporate events, as front fill and as stage monitoring. The series is complemented by two passive subwoofer cabinets designed to extend low frequency support to the four BS series full range cabinets.

The four two-way, passive full range cabinets include a single 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” and the subwoofers come in single 12” and 18” options with the series offering tremendous sound and clarity over short/mid distances.

Constructed from premium birch plywood and coated in polyurea coating. The enclosures also offer a screw free grille together with a number of dedicated accessories.

Although all these cabinets can be used without a processor, it is strongly recommended that the cabinet presets are applied for maximum optimization and performance.

1 x 8″ transducer with a 1″ driver, 124 dB SPL 

1 x 10” transducer with a 1” driver, 125 dB SPL


 1 x 12″ transducers with a 1″ driver, 128 dB SPL 

1 x 15” transducer with a 1” driver, 130 dB SPL


1 x 12” transducer, 126 dB SPL


1 x 18” transducer, 132 dB SPL 

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