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Compact, two-way passive cabinet. Consists of a 12” (3” voice coil) LF transducer and a 1” HF driver mounted on a 90º x 60º rotatable horn.


The BS-12 is a compact, two-way passive cabinet. Consists of a 12” (3” voice coil) LF transducer and a 1” HF driver mounted on a 90º x 60º rotatable horn offering a wide range of applications from fixed installations, frontfill and as a stage monitor.

The 12” driver offers high power handling and high sensitivity with low harmonic distortion and linear response. The cone is waterproof and has been treated on both sides. The ultra compact 1” HF driver achieves high sensitivity, with exceptional dynamic range creating remarcable depth and definition.

The cabinet can be complemented by the BS-112 or BS-118 subwoofers and offers tremendous sound and clarity over medium distances. Constructed from premium birch plywood and coated in high resistant polyurea paint. The enclosure also offers a screw free grille together with a number of dedicated accessories. Although the BS-12 can be used without a processor we recommend that the cabinet presets are applied for maximum optimization and performance.


Perfectly suited for:

→  Club & bar installations
→  Sound reinforcement
→  Theatres
→  Houses of worship
→  Multi media spaces
→  Public address


Technical Data


LF: 12” speaker, 3” ( 75 mm) copper wire voice coil, Waterproof cone with treatment on both sides
HF: 1” exit throat, (25,4 mm) voice coil, annular diaphgram driver 
Frequency Range 60 Hz – 20 KHz (-10dB)
96 dB
Max SPL/Peak* 122 dB / 128 dB
Rated Power
400W AES (800W program, 1600W peak)
Dispersion 90º x 60º rotatable
Nominal Impedance
8 Ω
Connectors 2 X NEUTRIK Speakon NL4
Polyurea coating
Material 15 mm premium birch plywood
589 x 350 x 348 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 19 Kg (41.8 lbs)
5 x M8, double pole-mount with 10º angle, ergonomic handle on the back position
Accessories U bracket horizontal & vertical, M8 eyebolts, wall bracket, M20 pole
Enclosure type
Multi angle enclosure

* Calculated maximum SPL based on rated peak power and measured sensitivity

More features

Hardware for BS-12


 This cabinet is constructed from premium birch plywood (15mm thickness) and finished with polyurea coating.

Internal design

The internal structure of the cabinet is heavily braced for greater longevity and all parts are assembled on metal inserts with metric screws.

Rear panel

Discreet, integrated rear connection speakon panel.


The cabinet has a heavy duty, powder coated front grille with a special acoustic rear fabric to protect the transducers against dust and dirt.


An ergonomic handle is located on each side of the cabinet.

Double pole mount

M20 pole support for tripod or satellite setup with subwoofer with different inclination angles.





The BS-12 features one 12” low/mid transducer with FEA optimized ceramic magnetic circuit, low harmonic distortion and linear response, waterproof cone (treated on both sides) and a 1” high frequency driver with annular diaphragm delivering exceptional dynamic range, mounted on a rotatable 90º x 60º horn enabling the cabinet to be used horizontally or vertically.

Accessories for BS-12
M8 Eyebolt
M20 pole support for combination between sub and satellite cabinet
Lightweight aluminium stand
Wall bracket for BS-12
U bracket for BS-12

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