GXR Series

Self-powered, portable speakers 

Both compact and powerful, the GXR Series is our latest solution for portable, light weight, powered speakers. The series incorporates three full range (two-way) models including 12″, 15″, dual 15″ and one 18″ subwoofer and three new cabinets: GXR-LA210A (our best-selling line array), and GXR-D15A and GXR-18A subwoofers.

The GXR-LA210A is a self-powered, bi-amplified, two-way, class D enclosure that delivers high power levels from a very compact format. To extend the low frequency response, there is a dual 15″ and dual 18″ subwoofer available. The GXR-D15A is designed to be flown or stacked in perfect combination with the GXR-LA10A units. When extreme low frequencies are required the GXR-D18A is recommended.

The system has been designed to be simple to install/use and every care has been taken to incorporate easy rigging hardware.


Perfectly suited for:

→  Live events

→  Large stadiums / arenas

→  Houses of worship

→  Theatres

→  Fixed installations

→  Touring


Self Powered

All models are self-powered (Class D) with  switching power supply and 1400W of amplification each. The integrated amplification far exceeds the transducers’ needs thus resulting in high output, high damping factor and extremely low levels of distortion. The high efficiency modules also include PFC, guaranteeing reliability and consistency in all operating conditions and low power consumption (less than 0.55W in standby).

Digital Processing

All GXR Series cabinets are controlled by the latest generation of Digital Signal Processing with a DSP integrated in to each cabinet. This DSP, with 56bit internal processing and double dynamics optimizes all the system components and electronics, providing maximum system efficiency and total protection whilst significantly and noticeably lowering distortion. They also utilize linear phase FIR filters.

Online Control

Online system (Ethernet or PC) to control each cabinet in real time.

 New model!

2 x 10” transducers with driver 1.4″ + waveguide , 135 dB SPL 

Passive version available

Updated DSP

2 x 15” transducers, 134 dB SPL 

Passive version available

Updated DSP

2 x 18” transducers, 134 dB SPL

Passive version available


GRX-215 series

2 x 15” transducers with 1 x 1.4” driver, 131 dB SPL


GXR-15 series

1 x 15” transducer with a 1″ driver, 128 dB SPL


GXR-12 series

1 x 12” transducer with 1 x 1” driver, 127 dB SPL


GXR-18S series

1 x 18” transducer, 132 dB SPL

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