Lynx Pro Audio is now manufacturing all of its self-powered systems with the new generation of DSPB-FL software and hardware, which includes improvements in signal processing capabilities and user communications. This new development was first incorporated in the CLS coaxial line array cabinets, one of the flagship ranges, and later this technology was included in the new XT series of amplifiers.

As of January 2022, all the brand’s self-powered cabinets have the new built-in DSP

The CLS line array has been using the new DSPB-FL system for several months in all environments. Now Lynx Pro Audio announces the incorporation of this new DSP in all the brand’s self-powered enclosures.

This new generation of DSP offers greater processing power, up to 8 times more than the previous version and provides greater advantages in communication with the user, increasing the operating use of the system. In addition, new direct control capabilities and custom memories are integrated.

    • How are the new DSPs different from previous models?

The differences between the two generations are remarkable. The change in technology of both the DSP and the microprocessors has increased the computing power considerably, with a processing power up to 8 times greater in the new DSPs, working at 96KHz without any loss of performance compared to the previous generation (48 KHz). It can process at 96KHz with double precision and has FIR filters of up to 2000 Taps per output. Also, depending on the cabinet model, AES3 and Ethernet are optional or standard.

The features have also increased: with the new generation of DSP the user can modify the gain, the delay and can create up to 5 custom memories and load them from the cabinet itself. In addition, presets can be made from the computer with access to gain, delay and 10 parametric filters.

Externally, the screen has changed in both size and quality. The old screen was an alphanumeric LCD with 16 characters on 2 lines, while the new screen is a full colour 320 x 240 pixels IPS, which offers a very complete and user-friendly navigable menu, being comfortable to handle and easy to use and read.

Technology 100% developed by Lynx Pro Audio

The development of the new generation of software and hardware has been carried out entirely at Lynx Pro Audio with our own R&D laboratory. It is a milestone of great importance led by our team of engineers and developed in our facilities in Valencia.

For Carlos Matalí, director of R&D at Lynx Pro Audio, the fact of having developed it internally has been advantageous: “In this way, we master the technology and do not depend on external companies, we have the ability to add or improve the features according to the needs. We can turn customer feedback into product features very quickly and even add solutions to problems that may arise in installations and that we had not considered before.”

Lynx Pro Audio has one of the most advanced product ranges on the market. The Spanish company’s engineering team recently completed the implementation of new capabilities for the Rainbow acoustic prediction system, renamed Rainbow 3D thanks to its interface in a dynamic 3D environment, whose promising future will also be confirmed within this year.

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Where can you find this technology?

You will find it in our self-powered cabinets including CLS, CXA, GXR and Ionic series.

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