High output, self powered (Class D switch mode power supply) direct radiation sub bass cabinet.
Consists of an 18″ (4″ DUO voice coil) neodymium magnet transducer withDCS (Double Conex Spider) technology.
DSP controlled with 1000W amplification, 136db SPL


Theatres & auditoriums
Houses of worship
Small/middle sized Clubs Discos
Smaller Live stages/events
Front fill / Side fill reinforcement
Portable sound reinforcement



Components 1 x 18″ Neodymium Woofer with Nomex cone
Frequency range 30 Hz – 250 KHz
Frequency Response 35 Hz – 150 Hz (+/-3 dB)
Max. SPL 133 dB/ 136 dB peak
Coverage angle Omnidirectional
Power Amplifier 1000 W Class D with switching power supply
Configuration Bass-reflex, Direct radiation
Processing 56 bit Lynx DSPB-22
Cabinet adjustment back panel LCD
Internal Controls Temperature sensor, Online Control system
Control Connections XLR / Ethernet (OCS) optional, USB (DSP programming)
AC Power 90 – 264V  50/60 Hz with PFC
AC Connections 16A Neutrik Powercon with link output
Material 18mm Premium birch plywood
Finish Polyurea coating
Dimensions (H x W x D) 707 x 525 x 717 mm
Weight 51 kg (112 lbs)



The compact ADP-18S sub bass cabinet is part of the ADP Self powered, DSP integrated Series. It has been designed to offer the utmost sound reinforcement reliability, incorporating the latest acoustical and electronical technology and delivering incredible, dynamic sound.


The ADP-18S is an extremelly high power sub-bass cabinet providing exceptional low frequency reinforcement for the ADP Full range cabinets. It uses one 18” (4” DUO voice coil) neodymium magnet transducer with nomex cone and suspension in direct radiation bass reflex configuration. The ADP-18S is powered with a total of 1000W of class D amplification. Each cabinet has a DSP integrated for system protection and optimization. Other features include temperature sensor, fan speed control, Ethernet options and many more.


The ADP-18S has an unbeatable power to size ratio, there is no need for external amplification racks, is very Light weight and as such is the ideal solution for portable or fixed sound reinforcement enabling quick and easy set-ups. An integrated pole mount enables easy satellite configuration with the ADP full range cabinets.


1000w Class D with switching power supply amplifier for the 18” transducer. The amplification far exceeds the transducer needs thus resulting in high output, high damping factor and extremely low levels of distortion.



The cabinets offer Digital Signal Processor integrated and Online Control System


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Components ADP-15M



It uses one 18” (4” DUO voice coil) neodymium magnet transducer with nomex cone and suspension in direct radiation bass reflex configuration.

Transducer with neodymium magnet groups, nomex cones and suspension prolonging the life of the components.

Weather protected membrane for outdoor use & forced air convection circuit for low power compression. Laminated DUO voice coi l combining two advanced technology materials to enhance longevity.

Ventilated voice coil and magnet circuit for improved heat dissipation. Double Conex Spider technology (DCS) and Mechanical Mirror Suspension System




35mm connecting pole for satellite combination between ADP-18S and ADP full range cabinets
M20 pole support combination between ADP-18S and ADP-15/ ADP-12/ ADP-26. With safety lock
35mm speaker mounting top hat for satellite combination between ADP-18S and ADP full range cabinets
M20 connector plate for the ADP-18S
Rain cover for ADP-18S


Hardware ADP-18S





The ADP-18S cabinet is constructed from 13-ply premium birch plywood (18mm thickness) and finished with high-resistant water based black paint


Internal design

The internal structure of the ADP-18S is heavily braced for greater longevity and all parts are assembled on metal inserts with metric screws. The amplification modules & DSP are housed in a separate chamber to the drivers avoiding excessive heat & vibration, thus delivering greater efficiency and reliability. 


Rear panel

The powder coated steel rear panel contains all connections and houses the ADP-18S amplification modules and DSP, is easily accessible and housed separately from the drivers for increased reliability and efficiency 



The ADP-18S has a heavy duty, powder coated front grille with a special acoustic rear fabric to protect the transducers against dust and dirt.



An ergonomic, die cast handle with firm internal grip is located on each side of the ADP-18S enclosure to facilitate transport, positioning and loading of the cabinets






40 Hz


50 Hz


63 Hz


100 Hz


125 Hz


160 Hz




Other products from this serie

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ADP-212M series2 x 12” transducers with a 1.4” driver, 139 dB SPL

ADP-12 series1 x 12” transducer with a 1.4” driver, 136 dB SPL

ADP-15 series1 x 15” transducer with a 1.4” driver, 136 dB SPL

ADP-15M series1 x 15” coax transducer with a 1.4” driver, 133 dB SPL

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ADP-12S1 x 12” transducer, offering 134 dB SPL

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