Lynx Pro Audio coaxial line source line array CLS

CLS Series

Coaxial line array speakers

The CLS (Coaxial Line Source) Series is our newest scalable line array solution.

There are two full range cabinets available, CLS-212 & CLS-28 and three sub-bass options; CLS-121S, CLS-218S and CLS-118S all designed to offer incredible output in the most compact format possible. Extreme care has been taken to select and customize the most advanced components on the market, including coaxial Mid/high drivers together with full electronic synergy through the coupling of the system amplification & integrated DSP technology.

Total system control is also achieved through our 3D prediction software (Rainbow 3D) working together with our remote system management platform (OCS). These cutting edge softwares together with the CLS technology provides the most optimum and precise listening experience to every ear in the audience.


Perfectly suited for:

→  Outdoor events

→  Large stadiums / arenas

→  Houses of worship

→  Theatres

→  Auditoriums


Self Powered

All CLS series cabinets include class D amplification, with switching power supply. The integrated amplification far exceeds the transducers’ needs thus resulting in high output, high damping factor and extremely low levels of distortion on all of the Line Arrays.

CLS series are equipped with energy saving PFC (Power Factor Correction). The power supply regulates itself when AC mains change, so the amp power output will not change with mains swinging. It reduces the current draw in 40% approximately.

Digital Processing

All systems have a DSP integrated into each cabinet. This DSP, with double precision filters, 64bit internal processing and double dynamics (RMS & Peak) optimizes all the system components and electronics, providing maximum system efficiency and total protection whilst significantly and noticeably lowering distortion.

Digital Inclinometer

Built-in inclinometer system which modifies the EQ algorithms according to the angulation of the cabinet. 

Online Control

Online system (Ethernet or PC) to control each cabinet in real time.

2 x 8″, 1 x 8″ dual diaphragm coaxial planar wave driver, 2800W Class D
Active / passive available

2 x 12″, 2 x 6.5″ dual diaphragm coaxial planar wave driver, 6000W Class D

1 x 18″, 3000W Class D subwoofer unit in direct radiation configuration
Active / passive available

1 x 21″, 3000W Class D subwoofer unit in direct radiation configuration

2 x 18″, 6000W Class D subwoofer unit in direct radiation configuration