Ionic Series

Smart & slim column speakers

Smart & slim column speakers designed for reverberant installations where intelligible, clear voice reproduction is paramount and where a low profile, discreet column is required.

The Ionic range of columns is our solution for lightweight installation column speakers, both portable or permanent applications. The Ionic series comprises two modular columns, one coaxial full-range and two subwoofers. The tops can be powered from the subwoofers and also offer various preset configurations from the integrated DSP.

Available in a variety of colours/finishes by request. As standard the full-range cabinets are finished in anti-rust steel and the subs in rugged, premium birch plywood, coated with polyurea paint. All are protected by front steel grills and backed with a special triple layer, acoustic textile which allows greater air flow and reduces heat and humidity.


Perfectly suited for:

→  Indoor live events

→  Clubs

→  Houses of worship

→  Theatres

→  Cruise ships

→  Commercial complex

→  Public buildings


Self Powered

The ionic subwoofers include class D amplification, with switching power supply. The integrated amplification far exceeds the transducers’ needs thus resulting in high output, high damping factor and extremely low levels of distortion.

Digital Processing

All ionic amp modules are controlled by the latest generation of Digital Signal Processing with a DSP integrated in to each cabinet. This DSP, with 56bit internal processing and double dynamics optimizes all the system components and electronics, providing maximum system efficiency and total protection whilst significantly and noticeably lowering distortion. Every box comes with different presets which include a basic full-range preset, various crossovers and a flat preset so that the user can adjust the parameters manually. 

Online Control

Online system (Ethernet or PC) to control each cabinet in real time. Allows the user to see the input level signal, fan speed, power module temperature etc.


12 x 3” transducers, 121 dB SPL

Outdoor version available


6 x 3” transducers, 119 dB SPL

Outdoor version available

1 x 5” transducer, 120 dB SPL

Outdoor version available


1 x 12” transducer, 127 dB SPL

1 x 18” transducer, 132 dB SPL

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