Juno Series

Weather-resistant, two-way full range loudspeakers for indoor/outdoor applications

The Juno Series are weather-resistant, two-way full range loudspeakers. The Juno series comprises one 6” low/mid-woofer with one 1” HF driver (JN-6T) and one 8” low/mid-woofer with one 1” HF driver (JN-8T), both with line transformer as standard.

High durability and superior performance with full sound over a large listening area. These cabinets have a sturdy structure and IP rated system which can be used both indoors and outdoors, being able to withstand the elements. Also, their elegant and discreet design make them the ideal speaker for outdoor installations such as beach clubs, pools, cruise ships and terraces.

Juno series can be set up either vertically or horizontally. The body is made of engineered plastic injection moulding and polypropylene guaranteeing complete protection against ultraviolet rays. The grille is perforated aluminium, internally covered in waterproof fabric and open cell expanded polyurethane.

The system conforms to IP46 international standard. JN-6T and JN8T cabinets are equipped with multitap transformer.

Key features

• Indoor or outdoor application
• Weather resistant – IP46 rating
• Tested to withstand rain and salt
• Engineering plastic injection molding
• UV rays protection
• Vertical and horizontal installation
• Internal waterproof fabric
• Available in black or white colour


Perfectly suited for:

→  Meeting rooms

→  Commercial centers

→  Water parks & pools

→  Outdoor background music

→  Beach clubs

→  Cruise ships

6″ low/mid woofer + 1″ HF driver with line transformer

8″ low/mid woofer + 1″ HF driver with line transformer

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