Voltereta Bali, literally translated as ‘Somersault Bali’ in Spanish, is a restaurant with a unique concept that unites nature and food. Eating is an experience, a way to connect with nature in a magical environment in the very heart of Valencia.

Founded by four young people who decided to start a business based on their trips to Indonesia. The decoration evokes Bali’s scenery and the food mixes flavours from over 20 countries.

The restaurant offers international food with a mediterranean twist, based on ‘padang, which means serving a lot of small dishes in the center of the table to share with eaters, something typical at Indonesian restaurants and not dissimilar to tapas.

Voltereta Bali’s goal is to make you believe you are in Bali, surrounded by the rainforest and the calming noises of nature. To do so it’s essential to have a high-end background sound and that’s why the technical team chose Lynx Pro Audio’s professional equipment.

24 QB-5 cabinets and 6 HR-28 have been installed around the venue. The QB-5 is a two-way versatile, ultracompact light weight, passive cabinet offering high-performance for background sound applications. For the reinforcement of the low frequencies, 4 HR-18/6 and 4 DR-N12 cabinets.

The venue is a two-story building. The ground floor simulates a rural area, with large artificial trees in the center of the canteen. In the upper part there is a spectacular terrace surronded by nature, with camping tents where you can enjoy your meal.

This restaurant aims to be a way of escape from daily stress to focus on well-being through international and mediterranean food. It represents a small part of Bali within the Mediterranean.

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Ultra-compact, full range, two way passive cabinet for background sound reinforcement. It consists of a 5” transducer and a 1” high frequency neodymium tweeter.

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way bi-amp/ passive cabinet.

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Medium power, subwoofer cabinet with one 18” low frequency in bass reflex, direct radiation configuration.

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Extremelly compact, high power, passive sub-bass cabinet with one 12” low frequency transducer with rubber surround in direct radiation configuration.

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