U.S Army has the Fort Polk Main Chapel placed in Louisiana. They needed good quality sound and the project was granted to Lynx Pro Audio, as we have a range of sound systems that can be installed in houses of worship.

This Chapel is a multi-purpose building used for worship services, religious education, family services and military community events. The chapel is open seven days a week. They celebrate events such as  weddings, holiday services, baptisms and family life counseling.

It has special worship services for catholic, contemporary, traditional, protestant, jewish, islamic and others. In addition, there is a special women ministry, very common in many military chapel communities.

Lynx Pro Audio has the ideal audio solutions for this kind of projects: sound systems for chapels and churches. Pro audio for houses of worship.

In this case, Lynx Pro Audio’s LX-F6 systems in white colour were installed into the Fort Polk Chapel in order to get the best experience in their religious ceremonies and blend with the chapel design.

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Ultra-compact Self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) front loaded, three-way Line Array.

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