We are proud to announce that Lynx Pro Audio’s installation at the Mamaka Hotel has been nominated for the Mondo*dr Awards 2021 in the “Retail & Leisure” category.

The Mondo*dr Awards 2021 will be held on June 16th through live streaming. These awards are well-known in the technology & entertainment industry thanks to its organizer: Mondo*dr magazine.

Mamaka Hotel has been selected as one of the entries for this year’s awards. This is a beach-front urban resort for modern travellers, foodies and social-surfers alike and its located in south Bali, Indonesia.

The company in charge for upgrading the sound experience at Mamaka has been our official distributor Melodia with the AV installer Sontastic, which have decided to install Lynx Pro Audio’s Juno cabinets for the whole venue, with a total of 49 cabinets providing sound reinforcement on different areas of the hotel. 

Juno loudspeakers are weather-resistant and provide loud and clear sound together with elegant and discreet design. These cabinets were chosen for upgrading the hotel for its weather-resistant features, since Bali has a tropical climate with heavy rains and sound reinforcement was needed indoors and outdoors.