Lynx Pro Audio attended ISE 2022 between 10th – 13th May, the most important A&V trade fair in the world. After the forced break last year, the entire industry was eager to see each other again at this new ISE, which has completed its first presential edition in Barcelona. We have had a slightly larger stand than in other editions and it has been a perfect opportunity to resume face-to-face contact with our clients as well as to meet new faces thanks to the lifting of restrictions around the world.

Jesús Fuentes (Product manager) and Ben Sinclair (Sales Director) presented the brand’s new line of commercial audio, with ceiling speakers and weather-resistant cabinets. Some of the Lynx Pro Audio development engineers were also at the booth, explaining the features of the new generation of DSP that all Lynx Pro Audio self-powered cabinets now come with as standard. In addition, demonstrations were made of the new Rainbow 3D acoustic prediction program, which will soon be available for download on our website.

A new line of commercial audio

Lynx Pro Audio has presented its new line of commercial audio, a range of systems ideal for background music and public address announcements in any public place such as shopping malls, stores, hotels or restaurants, both outdoors as well as indoors.

Weather-resistant systems

Among the new commercial audio products, two series of weather-resistant systems stood out, the Juno and WCX-8 series, being ideal options for any outdoor installation. They are a range of small and discreet cabinets, so they can go unnoticed in any environment.

Juno series

The Juno series is already known among many of our clients. These cabinets have been installed in all types of venues since their launch. For example, at the Mamaka Hotel in Bali, a venue that was nominated for the Best retail and leisure category at the Mondo Awards. What makes these enclosures so special is their high weather-resistant features being able to set them up in environments punished by water, salt or sand. In addition, they have an elegant design that also makes them a perfect choice for indoor installations. Juno series consists of 2 cabinets (6” and 8”), both available in black and white. Click here to learn more about these models.

Serie WCX-8

The WCX-8 model is a coaxial cabinet designed to withstand very harsh weather conditions offering the highest sound quality. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations and is installed in locations with extreme climates, such as in Arabic countries, being installed at the Dubai Expo. To learn more about the WCX-8 model, click here

Ceiling loudspeakers

Lynx Pro Audio has two series of ceiling loudspeakers, ideal for background music installations in bars, restaurants, museums, gyms, airports, shopping malls, etc. The CS series comprises a 6” two-way coaxial loudspeaker with high frequency (HF) motors and an 8” subwoofer, designed for ambient and voice sound reinforcement, offering great clarity and intelligibility in ceiling format. On the other hand, the IXP series offers a very similar option but with higher performance, with two 4″ and 6.5″ professional coaxial speakers with high-frequency compression drivers and an 8″ subwoofer for installations with a professional punch. Click here to know more than the CS series and the