The church of San Jacinto in Seville (Andalusia, Spain) is the temple of a Dominican convent founded in the 17th century. It is located between San Jacinto and Pagés del Corro streets, in the famous Triana district. Audiovisuales Morato has been in charge of installing professional sound systems of Lynx Pro Audio in this place of worship.

In the world of professional sound, houses of worship are renowned as challenging. Clear sound as well as avoiding reverberation is essential. For this reason 4 Ionic 100 column speakers have been used, finished in white respecting the visual harmony of the chapel.

In addition, 12 small 5CX white speakers have been installed throughout the sanctuary, discrete but powerful, this ultra compact passive coaxial speaker provides easy set ups in fixed installation, with weight left as low as possible.

Ionic series systems are easy to use and have a complete range of accessories that make it easy to install in any kind of project. These are the ideal solution for installations in houses of worship where a discrete design is required

Historical facts:

The Dominicans built this church in the 17th century, collapsed in May 1730 and had to rebuild a new one. In 1740 the construction of the new church began and two years later one of the vaults collapsed, but the works continued and finally in 1774 the construction was finished. The inauguration took place on January 29, 1775.

However, in 1810 with the French invasion the convent was used as a stable and the friars could not return until three years later. Between 1868 and 1869 the convent became municipal property and offices and a primary school were installed, for which some units of the convent were demolished. The Dominicans returned in 1906 and built a new convent next to the temple and finally in 1966 they granted the church the rank of parish.

Some of the images are from Susannecarolin