June 27, Coqueiros Stadium / Luanda, Angola.

30 units of LX-V12 and 18 subs were used for the show of Bruna Karla at the Coqueiros Stadium in Luanda.

Bruna Karla is one of the best voices of Brazilian music and more than 10.000 people assisted to the Angolan date to see her on a very special gospel show. The lyrics and melodies of Bruna Karla were followed by the public like a big chorus and the show was a big success.

From the first to the last song, Bruna Karla always maintained a strong relationship with the Angolan public that accompanied each letter in unison form as if it were a giant choir.

The highest point was consecrated when the Brazilian artist sang the song “When I cry”, a song that left countless faces bathed in tears.

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Extremely high power, Self-powered Class D with PFC (Power Factor Correction), three-way Line Array.

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High power, self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) front loaded, subwoofer cabinet with two 18″ (4″ voice coil) low frequency neodymium transducers.

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