The 34th German Protestant Church Congress in Hambourg with Lynx Pro Audio systems.

The German Protestant Church Congress is a major event in Germany, over 100,000 visitors went to Hamburg this year from the 1st to 5of May. Multi Media Marketing & Event GmbH from Münster obtained the job to carry over the technical configuration for one of the main stages (“Fischmarkt”).

The FOH was taken care of by 24 LX-V12 self-powered cabinets, flown directly into the stage outriggers. This was the first time that the LX V12 had been used at the Protestant Church Congress in Hamburg. For the near sound field, 4 of LX-F6 were used at the edge of the stage , the smallest but very fine Line array system of the LX series. To also reach the audience on the sides of the stage, three Delay lines were hung on Truss towers. The engineers here also trusted in the Multi Media speakers from Lynx with 12 of the LX-V8 providing more than enough pressure at the back ranks.

The artists on stage were also supplied with Lynx cabinets with a total of 10 ADP-15M stage monitors (active 15” / 1.5” Coaxial speaker) providing them with a transparent and full sound pressure. As bass grounding, 12 of the LX-318C were placed in front of the stage. This is a high class cardioid sub bass, which was responsible for straight pressure to the audience, whilst saved the artists on the stage from back spill.

A special challenge of this production was the acoustic coverage of the 300m event area with additional audience areas on the sides for up to 20,000 visitors. So as to be able to provide acoustical coverage for all visitors, Georg Reuber, Production Manager, decided to opt for sound systems from Lynx Pro Audio. The Spanish Pro audio manufacturer is an insider tip in Germany. “Especially the active Line Array series LX-V12, LX-V8 and LX-F6 are excellent sounding and extremely loud systems”, German distribution partner Michael Hünteler from pan-music Lohne explained.

“One of the big advantages to this acoustic irradiation concept was the use of different Line Array systems, but all from just the one manufacturer. The DSP’s are similar to each other and the speakers sound nearly identical at different acoustic pressure”
comments Michael Hünteler. Furthermore, Georg Reuber from Multi Media appreciates the simple handling of the systems, because they are easy to install and – due to the already inserted booster units and controllers – no complex wiring is needed.

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Extremely high power, Self-powered Class D with PFC (Power Factor Correction), three-way Line Array. 

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Compact Self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) V-Configuration front loaded, two-way Line Array.

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Ultra-compact Self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) front loaded, three-way Line Array.

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Extremelly high power Cardioid subwoofer, self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply).

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High output, self powered (Class D switch mode power supply), two-way stage monitor.

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