Korean Singers Association has made a special set up with many well-known Korean singers performing to celebrate the “Concert of Hope”. The event was held the 3rd of July in a drive-in cinema in Cheorwon, South Korea. It was a success, gathering more than 400 cars despite the heavy rain.

This event, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, was performed live and streamed through the official Youtube account of Cheorwol townhall. More than 400 people attended the show, meeting all COVID-19 standards.

Withus and Soundphile were responsible for the acoustical set up. They are one of the best companies in South Korea promoting this kind of outdoor events and they always trust in GXR series for their outstanding performance under extreme conditions (such as heavy rain) and their high power levels with a light-weight compact format.

For the PA two line arrays (with 2 GXR-D15A subwoofers and 6 GXR-LA210A cabinets) have been flown on each side of the stage. GXR-12 and GXR-15 cabinets were placed as stage monitors. The GXR-D15A subwoofer is designed to enforce the lower frequencies of the GXR-LA210A cabinets (and their older version, the GXR-LA10A). As for the GXR-LA210A, it is the ideal solution for install projects and live events where a powerful but compact line array is required.

The GXR-12 and GXR-15 are self-powered full range enclosures. They stand out for their high performance, with an excellent power-size ratio. They don’t need to carry an external amplification rack and are ideal for fixed installations and portable applications since its trapezoidal design allows them to function as stage monitors too.

A couple of hours before the concert, a talent show called “Cheorwon Voice Awards” was held, with amateur singers from all over the region, cheering the stage and receiving support from the audience.

The singer Namjin said: “Despite the heavy rain and the concern about covid, I’ve realized how excited the audience was and how they stayed until the end. I’ll always perform in any place of this country as long as there are fans want me to do so”.

Cheorwon is known for being the battlefield of the Korean War. It is a region near to the North Korean border.

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High Output, self powered (class D switch mode power supply with PFC), two-way cabinet.

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