The 33rd Valencian Marathon took place on 16th November. With 42km to complete the runners were animated with music provided with a LX-V8 system.

11,300 runners took part in the marathon and the winner was the Kenyan, Felix Keny completing the race in 2:07:14, a record for a marathon on Spanish soil.

2 arrays with 6 LX-V8 cabinets were installed on VMB towerlifts facing different directions to cover as much distance as possible.

Sub bass reinforcement was covered with the LX-318C cardioid cabinet.

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Compact Self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) V-Configuration front loaded, two-way Line Array, dual 8″ neodymium transducers with nomex cones and two 1″ neodymium magnet drivers with titanium diaphragm and individual wave guide.

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