Located in Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Valencia, the Marina Beach Club is fast becoming one of the trendiest , go-to spots in the city. Boasting a restaurant, swimming pool, stage, club, lounge and a number of bars, the venue is ideal for those wanting to relax during the day or dance to deep house music in the evening as the sun sets.

With such a prime location and an incredible range of facilities available to the guests, the management wanted to ensure that the audio set-up was equally impressive. With this in mind, a Lynx Pro Audio system was chosen to enhance the whole venue and provide the perfect atmosphere.

The entire Marina Beach complex was installed with Lynx Pro Audio’s Ionic column loudspeakers, along with products from QB series and HR series. The restaurant, which overlooks the picturesque beach and Mediterranean sea, has the capacity for over 100 guests and offers both traditional Mediterranean, as well as Tatami Japanese food.

The restaurant and VIP area play background music while guests eat and relax, so the discreet QB-5 cabinets were selected, a total of 34 were installed to provide full coverage. The club was possibly the most complex part of the installation to be carried out, due to it being open air, and the fact that there are strict noise level regulations, which had to be taken into consideration. With the aim not to exceed 95dB, the technicians from Lynx Pro Audio together with local installation company, Sistemas 2, studied the venue carefully before coming up with a solution.

Small format loudspeakers were deemed the best option to provide optimum SPL throughout the space. However, to create a party atmosphere, additional equipment was required. Six QB-8 loudspeakers and four DR-N12 subwoofers are installed around the dancefloor, while four Ionic-100 loudspeaker columns in combination with two HR-215S subwoofers are split equally either side of the DJ booth acting as the main FOH system.

The Ionic-100 was chosen for the dancefloor due the need for a truly directional system, avoiding spill in to the other areas and directing the sound exclusively to the dancefloor. The Ionic-100 also delivers the high SPLs required at the club, as the system only lose 3 dB with the increasing distance, directing the sound straight to the guests, without exceeding the permitted sound levels.

Elsewhere, in the chill-out area, which is located in front of the swimming pool where waiters serve cocktails and the guests can lie down in the shade after a swim, a further six Ionic-50 column loudspeakers were installed to create relaxing vibe.

While there were some hurdles to overcome along the way, the whole audio setup that Lynx Pro Audio provided gives the venue a real edge. With the combination of a visually stunning location, exceptional facilities and a high-quality sound system, the Marina Beach Club will continue to rise in popularity. 

Featured products

Ionic 100

Ultra-compact, passive column speaker with 12 x 3″ (0.75″ voice coil) neodymium transducers.

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Ionic 50

Ultra-compact, passive column speaker. Consists of 6 x 3” (0.75” voice coil) neodymium transducers.

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Ultra-compact, full range, two way passive cabinet for background sound reinforcement.

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way passive cabinet. It consists of a 8” transducer and a 1” high frequency tweeter.

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Extremelly compact, high power, passive sub-bass cabinet with one 12” low frequency transducer with rubber surround in direct radiation configuration.

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High power, ultra compact, subwoofer cabinet with two 15” low frequency transducers with rubber suspension in triple band-pass configuration.

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