Beer Festival is celebrated since 1996 in the city of Paysandú, Uruguay. This festival is one of the most famous events in the country, takes place during the Tourism Week and is one of the biggest attractions of Paysandú.

This year it was celebrated from April 13 to 21. The event is held in the Amphitheater of Uruguay River, a public summer theater destined to social and cultural shows.

In the surroundings of the Amphitheater, a fair with 250 stands, a food court, a beer square and an amusement park is installed. The Amphitheater has a capacity for 20 thousand people and thanks to its acoustic and architectural properties each year it is renewed as the central stage of Paysandú Beer Festival.

Ganzúa Producciones has been commissioned to carry out this installation and its technical team has decided that the professional sound systems of Lynx Pro Audio were the perfect solution for this venue. A total of 48 line arrays LX-V12 and 10 subwoofers LX-318C have been installed.

In the main field (PA) 24 LX-V12 were flown, divided into 12 LX-V12 placed on the right and left side of the stage, to cover most of the audience. In addition, 10 subwoofers LX-318C have been flown on each side of the stage to cover the low frequencies.

In the side fill, another 24 line arrays have been placed, divided into 12 LX-V12 on each side facing outwards to reinforce the PA sound.

The LX series offers a range of versatile line array systems designed for a variety of applications, from small theaters to large events. The LX series has been designed to achieve high SPL levels with great sound clarity and can be assembled in record time.

The LX-V12 is a very high output three-way self powered cabinet. This professional sound system has a selection of accessories and rigging parts that facilitate the use and installation of the enclosure. The SV-LXV12 flying frame can hold up to 16 cabinets with splay angles selectable in 0.5º increments between 0º to 3º and 1º increments between 3º to 12º. 

For low frequencies it is recommended to use it together with the LX-318C cardioid subwoofer, since this is not a conventional cardiod but a ‘2 in 1’. Because of our sophisticated integrated processor the user can select between omnidirectional or cardiod coverage, activating the rear speaker as well as selecting the rear frequency they most want to cancel, increasing the front pressure and directivity and ensuring that rear sound does not spill on to the stage behind the subwoofer.

The Week of Beer is an event for all audiences that has an extensive program and a wide variety of musical genres: rock, cumbia, hiphop, folklore, etc. Several artists have performed there, such as Juan Manuel Serrat, La Bersuit, Cristian Castro, Chayanne, Los Nocheros, Marcela Morelo, Luciano Pereyra, Terra Samba, Diego Torres, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, José Luis Rodríguez, Valeria Lynch, Mariano Mores, Teresa Parodi , Piero, María Martha Serra Lima, María Creuza, José Vélez, Sergio Denis, Soledad, No Te Va Gustar and La Vela Puerca, among others.

Photographer: Damián Cejas Delgue

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