“La Bonita de 1850” is a tapas & beer venue located in the centre of Albacete city, Spain. The sound installation was in charge of the audiovisual company Elemtec, specialized in sound and light.

Elemtec has rely once again on Lynx Pro Audio’s sound systems for this venue. Specifically, the QB series and BS series are the ideal solution for fixed installations like this one. Both of the series have cabinets with a discreet and elegant size and design.

Sound equipment installed: 4 BS-8 cabinets, 2 BS-112 subwoofers, 4 QB-5 compact cabinets and 2 SUB-08 subwoofers.

The BS series has been designed to offer an affordable yet reliable series of cabinets which not only deliver high performance but have a sleek & attractive design and finish so that they not only sound great but also look impressive in any install. 

The BS-8 cabinet is complement with the BS-112 subwoofer for the low frequencies reinforcement. This subwoofer offers high power handling and high sensitivity with low distortion and ultra low air noise. The cone is waterproof and rubber suspension has been treated on both sides and has been optimized for direct radiation subwoofer applications.

On the other hand, the QB series is the smallest series that Lynx Pro Audio offers, designed and intended for background sound reinforcement. The QB-5 is a two-way versatile, ultracompact light weight, passive cabinet offering high-performance for background sound applications whilst the SUB-08 subwoofer has been designed to be used with the QB-5 to extend the low frequency support.

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Compact two-way cabinet. Consists of an 8” (2” voice coil) LF transducer and a 1” HF driver mounted on a 90ºx60º rotable horn.

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Compact, 12” (3” voice coil) passive subwoofer cabinet band pass configuration

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Ultra-compact, full range, two way passive cabinet for background sound reinforcement. It consists of a 5” transducer and a 1” high frequency neodymium tweeter.

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Ultra-compact double band pass, passive sub woofer with one 8” transducer with double independent coil and rubber suspension. 

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