Big Lovely is an awards ceremony for China’s TV celebrities.  Phoenix TV used the following Lynx equipment.

The set-up included a Lynx LX-V8 Line Array which comprised of a total of 16 LX-V8 cabinets flown from each side of the venue with LX-218S lending the sub bass reinforcement. For the front fill 4 LX-F6 and 2 LX-215S were used. The sound system was complemented with various ADP-215, ADP-15 and QB-12 cabinets placed strategically around the venue. QB-M12 were used as the stage monitors. ARK processors were used for the control further strengthening the performance of the complete system.

The Big Lovely Gala was attended by numerous Chinese celebrities and pop groups and received generous press coverage.

Phoenix features a mix of programmes, ranging from political and economic news and current affairs through talk shows, film and music reviews to movies, and mini series in both Chinese and foreign origins.

Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd or Phoenix Television is a Hong Kong–based, Cantonese and Mandarin-language television broadcaster that serves the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong along with other markets with substantial Chinese viewers. It has six different television channels.

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High Output, self powered (Class D switch mode power supply), two-way cabinet. Consists of two 15″ neodymium magnet transducers with nomex cones & suspension and a 1.4″ exit compression driver with titanium diaphragm, mounted on a 60ºH x 50ºV constant directivity horn.

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High Output, self powered (Class D switch mode power supply), two-way cabinet. Consists of a 15″ neodymium magnet transducer with nomex cones and a 1.4″ compression driver with a 4″ titanium diaphragm mounted on a 80ºH x 50ºV constant directivity, rotatable horn.

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ARK Digital Processors

The ARK-70 and ARK-20 are the latest in the series of digital processors designed, assembled and manufactured by Lynx Pro Audio offering 7 different models with 2 or 4 inputs each and with up to 8 outputs (analogue or digital and Ethersound optional).

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way passive cabinet. It consists of a 12” transducer and a 1” high frequency compression driver.

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High performance, full range, two way passive stage monitor. It consists of a 12” neodymium transducer and a 1” high frequency compression driver.

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