Here we present some of the latest installations from Beijing Xi Ya Linke, in China.

Lynx Pro Audio’s professional sound systems have been permanently installed in the chinese Press Center, an organization that publishes news and offers services to journalists.

Multiple press conferences are held in the venue. Due to the specificity of its functions, the Press Center must ensure that during the conferences the voice is clearly heard and the message is transmitted correctly. That is the reason why the conference room must be equipped with good audio equipment.

Beijing Xi Ya Linke, were in charge of preparing this installation and providing the equipment to ensure good sound quality in the building.

The versatile ADP-26 was the system of choice for the Press Center. These cabinets have been designed to offer the utmost sound reinforcement reliability, incorporating the latest acoustical and electronical technology and delivering incredible, dynamic sound.

Lynx Pro Audio have also been installed for the International Youth Dialogue in a chinese school.

This multifunctional room can accommodate more than 400 people at the same time. On the main stage, 4  LX-F6 and LX-F6P are installed on both sides of the podium along with two LX-212S and two LX-218S subwooferS.

In addition, eight passive HR-28 and eight HR-26 cabinets are placed around the conference room.

Also, Beijing Xi La Linke was in charge of providing sound for this hall in a chinese school which accommodates more than 300 people and serves as a venue for academic seminars, meetings and various presentations. For this project the following Lynx Pro Audio cabinets have been chosen:

For the main stage,CXA-12 constant curved line array loudspeakers and two CXA-18S subwoofers have been installed, hanging on either side of the stage.

For the sides and back of the room, two QB-8 full-range passive cabinets have been installed to ensure a clear sound in all directions, controlled with and ARK-2026 digital processor.

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High Output, self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply), two-way cabinet.

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Ultra-compact Self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) front loaded, three-way Line Array, dual 6″ neodymium transducers with nomex cones.

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High power, self powered (Class D switch mode power supply) subwoofer cabinet with two 12″ (4″ ISV voice coil) low frequency transducers.

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High power, self-powered (Class D switch mode power supply) front loaded, subwoofer cabinet with two 18″ (4″ voice coil) low frequency neodymium transducers.

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way bi-amp/ passive cabinet.

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way bi-amp/ passive cabinet.

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High Output, self powered (class D switch mode power supply with PFC), constant curvature line array element.

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High output, self powered (class D switch mode power supply with PFC), omni-directional subwoofer cabinet.

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way passive cabinet. It consists of a 8” transducer and a 1” high frequency tweeter.

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ARK Digital Processors

The ARK-70 and ARK-20 are the latest in the series of digital processors offering 7 different models with 2 or 4 inputs each and with up to 8 outputs.

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