Sunday Beach Club is a venue situated on one of the most beautiful beachfronts in Bali (Indonesia). There you can enjoy the crystal clear water, aquatic activities, massages, sunset bonfires and live music parties. The objective is to make you experience a day of complete relaxation. At Sundays Beach Club, every day’s a Sunday.

Our Indonesian distributor (Melodia) and their AV consultant partner Sontastic have been tasked with installing the Sundays Beach Club, in the Uluwatu region. Several weather-resistant Juno cabinets have been set up in the beach zone, since these loudspeakers can withstand salt, rain and have UV protection. Their high durability, superior performance and modern design makes them the ideal candidates.

In this club, customers have the chance to fully relax and disconnect in this beautiful location. The beach is fired up with bonfires daily at sunset, enjoying some toasted marshmallows. If you need more privacy, you can rent an exclusive private bungalow too.

For the more adventurous people, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, snorkeling or swimming are also offered, with all the necessary equipment provided by the club.

On weekends, a festive atmosphere is created in the afternoon until closing time with live music and DJs.

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6″ low/mid woofer + 1″ HF driver with line transformer

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8″ low/mid woofer + 1″ HF driver with line transformer

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